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Our History

Isoplus Staff and Factory

J.M. Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd., based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the manufacturer of ISOPLUS®, ISOPLUS® Natural Remedy®, ISOPLUS® Additions! and Black Magic® brand products. The company is one of the largest African-American owned companies that manufacture hair care products in South Africa. J.M. was founded in June 1995 by Ernest P. Joshua, Sr., an Arkansas (USA) native with a passion for the African continent and different cultures thoughout the world. He was driven and wanted to ensure that the people of Africa were afforded quality hair care products, designed with them in mind.

With dozens of employees along with numerous sales agents and merchandising affiliates across South Africa the company’s hair care products are distributed nationally in the country’s largest Cash and Carries, Retail Chains and Pharmacy Buying Groups.

The company has moved to a new warehouse in 2013 encompassing over 4,000 square meters of warehouse and production space, doubling the amount of space they have occupied for over 15 years, due to their ongoing expansion and growth. J.M. not only manufacturers the ISOPLUS® brand products, but also has embarked into Contract Manufacturing. The company is constantly growing and is preparing to begin increased distribution into the rest of the African Continent. J.M. contributes to various charity organizations, orphanages, schools, churches, and golf clubs. J.M. strives to empower the people of South Africa and to help grow the economy of the country.

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